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The Maywood String Quartet is the most-booked string quartet in Utah, with over 100 events every year. In almost twenty years of performing together, they have had ample experience performing for events such as receptions, dinners, luncheons and wedding ceremonies. Combining classical background music with familiar contemporary favorites, the Maywood String Quartet adds a classy and celebratory feel to your event, wherever the venue may be. They also have seasoned experience in the recording studio and as a stage performance group.

The Maywood String Quartet have collaborated with artists and performing groups including The Utah Symphony, Jon Schmidt, Peter Breinholt, Paul Cardall, David Tolk, and Kenneth Cope.

The members of the Maywood String Quartet have performed at events such as the Governor Leavitt Celebration, Salt Lake City 9/11 Candlelight Vigil, multiple University of Utah Graduation Ceremonies, Assembly Hall Concert Series, Utah Music Federation Competition, FM100 Mini Concert Series, ABC Channel 4 Good Things Utah, and the Concert Series.

Quartet Members

Mary Jeppson . Violin 1
Julie Griffiths Nelson . Violin 2
Matthew John Nelson . Viola | Violin 3

Jamilyn Beckstrom Morris . Cello

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