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After we have communicated the terms of the event, the Maywood String Quartet will send the client a contract and invoice. Once the contract has been returned, fully filled out and signed by the client, the Maywood String Quartet will reserve the client’s event date and time on our event calendar.



The entire payment is due in full prior to the event, unless otherwise agreed upon by both parties. The client will designate someone to hand the Maywood String Quartet the payment upon arrival. Information on accepted payments can be found on the Maywood String Quartet's "Payment" page.


Outdoor Events

If any part of the client’s event is outdoor, the client agrees to provide proper shading and protection from the elements in order to avoid damaging the Maywood String Quartet’s instruments. In the case in inclement weather such as rain, snow, sun, severe cold or heat, or other damaging elements that would risk damage to our instruments, the Maywood String Quartet reserves the right at the event to determine whether or not they are able to perform.


Special Requests

The Maywood String Quartet will allow as many musical requests from the client as the client would like, providing the requests are within the repertoire list provided by the Maywood String Quaret. If any requests are outside of the standard repertoire, there may be an additional fee or an hourly rate assessed if a special arrangement is required. If further explanation is required regarding these terms, please contact the Maywood String Quartet.


Setup and Spacing Requirements

The client agrees to provide four armless chairs that are set up at the venue where the Maywood String Quartet is to perform. The client will also ensure that there is ample space for four musicians and four music stands.



There is no penalty or fee for cancelling more than 90 days in advance. If the client decides to cancel our contract within 90 days of the event, a fee of half the total due will be assessed. If cancellation occurs within 10 days of the event, the full amount will be required.


Reducing Performance Time

No penalty or fee will be assessed for a reduction of performance time if it is requested more than 90 days prior to the event. If the client requests a reduction of performance time within 90 days of the event, a fee will be charged equal to half of the hourly rate for the time that was reduced. If time reduction occurs within 10 days of the event, the total amount for the originally booked time, regardless of the time reduction, will still be required. There is no penalty for increasing performance time. The Maywood String Quartet may be asked to perform additional time beyond the contracted time period, even on the day of the event, with no penalty. The client agrees to compensate any extra time according to the hourly rate written in this contract. The Maywood String Quartet will not be obligated to perform the extra time if it does not work in our schedule.


Performance specifications

It is solely the client’s responsibility to provide detailed performance specifications, including but not limited to when to start playing, when to stop playing, what pieces and when to play them if specific requests are necessary, where to perform, etc. The client will appoint a person from client’s party to clearly communicate specifications to the Maywood String Quartet and to cue if necessary. If no special requests are made, the Maywood String Quartet will select a mix of pieces from among our repertoire.


Other Terms

The Maywood String Quartet is a standard string quartet with four musicians including two violins, a viola, and a cello. The Maywood String Quartet reserves the right to substitute comparable performers if original members are unavailable. Performers require a ten minute break for every hour performed.

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